What past clients are saying

We can talk about the transformation that we see happening all day long, but don’t just take our word for it. Listen to the words of a few clients who have been through Patterns to Presence in last 12 months. 

I am a lot calmer today versus day 1 of the program. I still have my moments where my mind goes on a race but instead of making 50 stops, it only makes like 5 stops. I am more in-tune with myself and my feelings. I am more present than I have ever been when engaging in tasks and conversations. I am able to talk myself off the ledge a lot easier than ever before.


The biggest shifts I’ve witnessed are the calmness/consistency in my body throughout the day and how I’m able to reroute to a more conscious thought in the moments when my mind falls into a pattern. Even if I still sometimes go to that heavier place in my mind or body, I’m now able to take a step back and play the role of the observer. This has been huge for me because I know it’s a start. I feel like I’m building trust in my ability to self soothe and resource myself in moments where I could have never done this as successfully just several weeks ago. It feels like I’m starting to step into my own power, and it feels so liberating. 

I’ve also noticed that the cyclical thoughts I sometimes find myself in with my partner have become so minimal in the last several days. It’s allowed me to hold more space for what matters most for us. I know this might not ever be perfect and will change from day to day, but I do notice a big shift in my own outlook by knowing how my mind wants to operate from a place of doubt.


I feel more secure in myself. I still have moments where I am triggered, often it is in conversation with my husband, or when I am feeling out of control in a moment like my daughter having a tough time with instructions and I am tired and needing resolution – but it is definitely less than it was.  And when it does happen, I am aware of it and can try the next time to stop myself from getting stressed in the moment.  All in all though, I feel a lot more kindness to others, especially my husband.  

The shift to think about, love and check in with my inner child is definitely transformational for me, it is instantly calming to do so.  To think I have the tools inside of me to love and care for myself, to put me first not in a selfish way, in a way that allows me to be the best version of me for myself and my family.

K.H – Singapore

I wish every person could have this deeper understanding of how they grew up affects who they are today through attachment styles and other influences, and that they could bring this deeper understanding to an intention to know and love themselves and others more fully.  Those who are in turmoil with others in relationships and particularly with spouses and children absolutely need it.  Taking up what is offered in this program opens a doorway into a more authentic and loving future, by resolving past and ongoing inner conflict, and having a greater understanding of why and how others act and relate to others and yourself.  Having knowledge of others’ experiences and thought patterns, when held in respect in love, enables one to accept, embrace and love them more completely as a child of God.


P2P is for all the people who struggle with guilt, shame, and fear encroaching in their lives. It’s for people who oscillate between wanting their own power to shine and feeling resistance to do so. I’m a big advocate for therapy, but P2P is different because it’s a continuous engagement with yourself instead of once a week or once every other week in therapy. 

Those who are willing to do this type of deep reflective work to get to know yourself better, understand yourself better, and make more conscious thought processes should do P2P. 

I knew I was eager to heal, but I was terrified of exposing so much of what was uncomfortable. I had nothing to worry about; Sabrina is a pro at creating safe spaces, leading with empathy, and guiding without judgment.


The questions really require you to carve out the emotional, mental, and physical space to be still, reflect, and answer honestly.  What’s interesting is that sometimes you start talking about or navigating one issue, but find something else entirely is underneath it.  I’ve done so much therapy and reflection work, but I especially appreciate when people are able to point me to something new I hadn’t spotted myself, and so much of this program was that.

The breathwork sessions and compassion inquiry blew my mind. It felt like mental jiu jitsu magic. I’d come blank sometimes and be led exactly where I needed to go.  The breathwork – I still don’t have words for. I don’t fully understand what happened – but it cemented for me – that trauma is often stuck in the body and more importantly, that it’s possible to release it!


I was looking for healthier ways to deal with stressful relationships in my life. I was so overwhelmed and stressed and anxious and angry and upset with being treated unfairly. My reactions would take over and I could never find my way to peace or resolution or security. I considered starting medications for anxiety because I just wanted to numb myself to the feelings of pain. Nothing against medication but I wanted to avoid it if possible. I’m so glad I went this route instead because I didn’t numb or ignore anything. I’ve learned and am trying to heal now.


Honestly I think anyone and everyone could use this program, regardless of the situation that they may be finding themselves in. This program could be most useful if you’re struggling to show up authentically in daily life, if you’re feeling stuck, like you have more potential, if you find similar things happening over and over again in your life, or if you are struggling to come to terms with past experiences. The layout of the program is intuitive, gets straight to the core issues you may be facing, and is tailored to you, your needs, and your process. Expect continuous support and kindness from each of the facilitators. You might find a deeper understanding of you, your needs and how you can support yourself moving forwards.

C.C – Canada

I have been tested in real time as I was doing the program by some situations that were strong emotional triggers. I’ve already noticed an improved ability to experience my emotions, recognize them, be with them but not let them take over. I also noticed some improvement in my ability to assess the situation from a new perspective and thus dial down my emotional reaction. Even when, despite all of my best attempts, a strong emotion has swept over me, I find myself better able to recover from it. By understanding what is happening in my nervous system and supporting my body so it can rebalance, I already find emotional episodes to be shorter and less frightening. 

I thought that I was aware of my body and my emotions before completing the program, but I had a lot to learn. I now find myself more aware of my body’s signals that I’m being pulled out of a state of equilibrium. So much of me wants to remain in some state of equilibrium, that when I find myself pulled out of equilibrium I immediately look for a way to return. My body alerts me and I’m paying attention to its signals. I am sure that with continued practice this will deepen and strengthen and grow into a habit.

E.P – Costa Rica

Absolutely do it. 100% worth the investment. It’s AP Therapy where you learn about yourself, your body, and your mind, and how they all work together, and how they can work for you vs. you working for them. It’s so different from regular therapy in that it gets to the actual root of the issue and works at chipping away whatever that is to make you feel more secure, more confident, and more at peace.



Patterns to Presence

A one-of-a-kind, you’ve-never-done-therapy-like-this-before program for you to become calmer, less triggered and more secure in 4 weeks.

Uniquely and intentionally designed, this past-paced, life-changing program will help you break through past patterns and step into your most authentic and truly present self.