Ready to be less triggered, let go of the anxiety and transform your insecure patterns?

Patterns to Presence is a personalized 4-week experience using behavioral psychosomatic therapy to transform your insecurities, relieve your anxiety and help your Authentic Self shine.

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It's officially time to stop googling "Why do I get so triggered?"

The patterns you’ve been experiencing all your life have been hurting you for so long. It’s time to start healing your heart, discovering your authentic self and build self trust. But you don’t have to try to figure it out all on your own. 

Sound familiar?

You're experiencing...

Frequent Anxiety: You wonder if there’s something wrong with you or why it’s always your fault.

Inability to speak your truth: You tend to hold back because you don’t want to say the wrong thing.

Guilt of letting people down: You feel responsible for how your family feels and you feel bad if they feel bad.

Afraid of being alone: You’ll do just about anything to hold on to a relationship.

You don’t have to keep living that way. But…

Before being truly present and engaged in your life, you need to face the patterns holding you back.

What if one month of holistic, intensive therapy could completely shift your daily life?


No really, it’s possible. In fact, we see it every day with Patterns to Presence.


Patterns to Presence

A one-of-a-kind, you’ve-never-done-therapy-like-this-before program for you to become calmer, less triggered and more secure in 4 weeks.

Intentionally designed to integrate the body, mind and emotions into a holistic program that delivers lasting results.

01 / Daily Interactive Journaling

Developed by Sabrina, Interactive Insights Journaling is a process for deep introspection. Every day, you will answer a set of questions and often times provided with a reflection activity or resource to watch.

Once you’ve completed your daily questions, Sabrina goes into your journal and provides insights, challenges your perspective and supports you even further to explore your triggers. By being in your journal daily, this allows her to understand your patterns while you learn about attachment styles, childhood trauma, boundaries, self-care, etc.

Sabrina explains the process here.

02 / Compassionate Inquiry Sessions

Zamir reads your journal and a summary that Sabrina develops in advance of your sessions. This allows him to efficiently navigate your Compassionate Inquiry sessions and get beneath the surface to arrive at the root of your trauma and triggers.

Developed by Dr. Gabor Matè, Compassionate Inquiry is somatic psychotherapy that brings your awareness to childhood events that were painful and difficult to bear, and that your mind has protected you from fully experiencing.

Zamir explains the process here.

03 / Breathwork Session

Breath connects your mind and body. It is the bridge between the conscious and subconscious parts of you. When you experienced anger and frustration as a child, they were meant to move through your body and be released. If you were not allowed to do that, that energy is trapped in your body. This is why we say: the issues are in your tissues.

Through your one-on-one Transformational Breathwork session with Zamir, you will
release the old, trapped emotions from your body and mind.

04 / Non-Violent Communication Workshop

Your personalized, communication coaching session with Farah is tailored to address a specific recurring conflict that you have journaled about.

Based on your needs, she coaches you using Nonviolent Communication techniques.
You will learn to clarify your observations, emotions, personal values, and what you expect of yourself vs. others. You will no longer need to use blame, judgment, or domination. 

05 / Lasting Impact Insights and Implementation

Sabrina watches all of your sessions with Zamir and Farah and reads everything in your
journal and then brings it all together in an Insights Presentation. Sabrina and Zamir show and tell the inner story of your life so you can understand how you developed your insecure patterns, how they have limited your life, and how to confidently and consistently replace them with patterns of authenticity.

At the beginning, I simply knew I had a lifetime of thoughts, experiences and emotions to sift through and that it was time to ask for support. I had never reached out for help and had considered looking for a therapist – although  never thought it the right time to commit. I am incredibly grateful for having made the decision to go through this process, grateful for all the facilitators, and that there was such an opportunity to work through my patterns in such a well grounded container of support.

– CC

You don't have to navigate this alone.

4 weeks of commitment to yourself & this process to completely revolutionize the rest of your life.

Sounds like a big claim, doesn’t it? And yet your Patterns to Presence guides see it time and time again. 

Each of us work with you one-on-one in your journey from insecure attachment patterns towards healing, freedom, and authenticity. We guide you with our expertise & our own personal experiences.

Sabrina Lakhani,
Behavioral Scientist

I support you in deep introspection, self-observation, and perspective-shifting. When you see clearly, you choose wisely.

My commitment to expansion and growth led me to learn from my turbulent marriage and divorce, heal my insecure attachment patterns that developed in childhood, and co-create this program for your transformation.

Zamir Dhanji,
Holistic Counselor

I guide you into areas of your psyche that are the most deeply impacted by painful experiences that are in need of healing.

Utilizing my training in mindfulness and compassionate inquiry, I help your body and mind experience a deep shift as you learn to embody presence and move beyond your limiting patterns.

Farah Nazarali,
Communication Coach

I teach you how to approach conflict with authenticity and compassion, and provide practical tips and strategies for your most important relationships.

I lean on my professional training in yoga and non-violent communication coupled with my marriage of 20 years, to give you the most appropriate tools assert your needs, concerns, and boundaries and build healthy relationships.

Can four weeks really change your life?

Using our research-based and holistic approach, let us help you on your path to discovering your true authentic self.

Deep self knowledge – You’re not crazy, but attachment trauma can make you feel like you are. You’ll learn how your mind works and understand what’s behind the recurring thoughts.

Inner sense of calm – You’ll discover the childhood wounds that resulted in your triggers, how they cause emotional flashbacks, & how to heal them with compassion.

Genuine relationships – You’ll learn how to identify what you are feeling, calmly communicate it to others, prioritize your self-care, and establish healthy boundaries.

I have truly loved this program. Even the days and moments that I have cried so much that all I want to do is sleep afterwards. It has been such a great release and such a nice journey to discovering myself. I have appreciated all the compassion that I have gotten from the three of you and it has helped restore my faith in humanity.

– AE

Quantum leaping beyond traditional therapy

Our research-based approach

We create a safe container for you to heal the relationship with yourself, which shifts how you see your life, your relationships, and the world. We support you in connecting your brain, body, and breath so you can create the life you want to live.

Okay, but why? We’ve broken down the science and our approach here:

I think this program is truly for anyone and everyone who is trying to find their truth. From my experience with P2P, I’m finding that so many magical things start happening effortlessly when there’s an attunement with Self. I’ve found clarity in multiple aspects of my life because my experience with P2P gave me the confidence to stand in my own power rather than hold so much weight on others’ validation. 

– AK


If you’re ready for real change, read this:

This program is a one-on-one, confidential therapy experience. It is by application only to ensure we work with those fully committed to identifying their patterns, managing their triggers and stepping into their true, authentic self. 

We ask for four devoted weeks of your life. Four weeks of your commitment not only to yourself but to us as we guide you through this transformational process. To truly benefit from this process, it is critical that you remain open, truthful and available for at least 60 minutes of journaling each day and prioritize your sessions and workshops within your regular schedule. 

Four weeks to change your life. Are you ready?

The shift to think about, love and check in with my inner child is definitely transformational for me, it is instantly calming to do so.  To think I have the tools inside of me to love and care for myself, to put me first not in a selfish way, in a way that allows me to be the best version of me for myself and my family.  I don’t believe I have ever really trusted in myself – I am smart and strong and I have achieved many things, but always with a strong sense of self doubt. 

– KH

Apply now and let’s take you from developed patterns to embodied presence

What's Included For $3,497

I was looking for healthier ways to deal with stressful relationships in my life. I was so overwhelmed and stressed and anxious and angry and upset with being treated unfairly. My reactions would take over and I could never find my way to peace or resolution or security. I considered starting medications for anxiety because I just wanted to numb myself to the feelings of pain. Nothing against medication but I wanted to avoid it if possible. I’m so glad I went this route instead because I didn’t numb or ignore anything. I’ve learned and am trying to heal now.

– JM

I think this program is for everyone. Anyone who wants to understand how they work, why the make the choices they do that don’t seem very bright in hindsight, people struggling with living a fulfilled life and having fulfilled relationships. They should sign up so that they can live a more aware and an aligned life to their purpose.

– KS

I was looking for a way to heal from my last relationship. Though there is still work to be done in terms of healing my unmet childhood wounds, I am definitely on the right track. I know better why my parents were the way they are and how that impacted my romantic choices and behaviour. 

I have tried therapy with two separate therapists, hypnotherapy, speaking with volumes of friends and an online course about heartbreak. I am very glad to have taken this course. I will be sharing my experience with my friends and hope they will take the opportunity to do this work as I believe it will help those struggling to have strong healthy relationships.

– AS

Apply now and let’s take you from patterns to embodied presence

What's Included For $3,497

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have burning questions? We’ve got answers for you.

Simply put, your Attachment Style is the lens through which you see the world and make decisions. Your Attachment Style developed in childhood in response to how much you felt heard and accepted by your parents. It determines how you show up in conflict with a partner, friends, colleagues, or family members.

Your mind is wired to sound the alarm in your body in the face of threat. However, when you have an Anxious or Avoidant Attachment Style, your mind perceives threats more frequently and more intensely than it needs to. Without sufficient recovery time between frightening situations, your mind and body are perpetually in overdrive.

The Patterns to Presence team has worked with a wide range and numerous clients as we’ve developed and evolved this process for optimal impact. It is intensive and highly effective, and through our experience, a four week experience fosters real transformation with a relatively low time commitment (four weeks for the development and insights of lifelong skills).

Once you apply, we’ll receive a notification to review your application and will get back to you with next steps should we determine you’re a good fit for this process. We’ll never work with clients who we feel this process cannot support or deliver real, lasting results, so trust that if you’re accepted, we see the potential and cannot wait to support and guide you.

Should your application be accepted, you’ll receive additional information including a service agreement, waiver to review, and invoice to secure your spot. You’ll then receive a link to schedule your initial consultation, and you’ll be sent pre-work a couple days before that consultation to begin the process.

While we know it sounds too good to be true, we’ve seen it time and time again with others we’ve worked through this process. So, yes, if you’re fully committed and make the most of the experience. As with everything, you get out what you put in and the Patterns to Presence team is here to guide you to your most impactful transformation.

This program is designed to take a holistic and truly revolutionary approach to therapy to ensure you see the results you’re looking for over the four week period. To guide you through this transformation and building these skills, our team is consciously built to help you build the skillset to implement your learnings into your daily life.

Developed by Sabrina, Interactive Insights Journaling is a process for deep introspection. Every day, you will answer a set of questions. This allows her to understand your patterns while you learn about attachment styles, childhood trauma, boundaries, self-care, etc.

Through interactive journaling, you will: 

  • Retrace your personal history and discover the roots of trauma
  • Feel seen, heard, and understood without judgment
  • Have a compassionate mirror who sees your highest self
  • Be gently encouraged to see the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable
  • Recognize the voice of your Inner Critic
  • Learn to comfort, soothe, and protect your Inner Child

Yes! We want Patterns to Presence to be as accessible to as many individuals as possible, so you’ll have the opportunity to pay in full or subscribe to a multi-week payment plan.

Due to the nature of the program and the resources you’ll have immediate access to, we do not offer refunds at this time. We encourage you to consider this investment before committing to ensure you’re available and truly open to the insights, feedback and resources that will be available to you.

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