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Changing Your Relationship With Your Parents

Watch this quick and impactful video from Sabrina and Zamir, we talk about the realities, challenges and possibilities of changing our relationship with our parents. 

Key takeaways:
  1. We have to change ourselves if we want the relationship with our parents to change.
  2. It’s perfectly normal for children to want to be known, heard, and seen for who they are by their parents. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.
  3. Most of us are fighting for freedom from and understanding with our parents, and we want them to relate to us as adults.
  4. We have to first learn how to relate to ourselves as adults before anything can change.
  5. The relationship with our parents creates the template for all other relationships in our lives. Healing those relationships can help resolve a lot of pain and angst in our lives.
  6. When we communicate from a wounded place of pain and blame, our parents cannot respond to us from from a place of wholeness.
  7. They’re not withholding love, affection, or understanding from us. If they could have given that to us, they already would have. So now we have to take what they gave us and pick up where they left off in re-parenting ourselves.
Childhood reflection


What kind of relationship did I have with my parents as a child?

Did I have parents that listened to me and help me deal with my own emotions? Did they encourage me to be independent while supporting me in ways that I needed?

Am I still looking to them for this? Am I able to provide this for myself? How would my relationship change if I was able to?