Free Training Video 3

Emotional Intelligence

Watch this quick and impactful video from Farah, Emotional Intelligence Educator  and guide in the Patterns to Presence Program. 

Key Takeaways: 


  1. Emotions are not inherently good or bad
  2. Emotions are feelings in the body that can be described as pleasant or unpleasant based on the level of sensation being felt.
  3. Emotions are feelings that are attached to thoughts.
  4. We often try to logic our way through our emotions rather than feeling them as they are.
  5. Feeling your emotions is a natural reaction to allowing your body to reduce stress.
  6. Crying has been associated with weakness. In reality, when we are crying from stress the tears we are releasing have cortisol and stress hormones that are being released from the body allowing us to regulate easier. 
Emotional Inquiry 


Emotional Intelligence involves what 5 things? 

What do you do when emotions come up?

Is it more important to look inward or outward when your emotions are running high?

Remember, it is uncomfortable to face painful emotions. Once we do and process them skillfully, we feel great and we grow.