Free Training Video 1

Attachment Styles & Unmet Needs

Watch this quick and impactful video from Sabrina, Behavioural Scientist and one of your guides in the Patterns to Presence Program. 

Key takeaways:


  1. Your attachment system is biological: you are hardwired for survival and connection.
  2. Just because you are an adult now, does not mean your childhood experiences aren’t still shaping the way you handle intimate relationships now. 
  3. Connection isn’t automatic but it comes from finding yourself in safe spaces when we are babies and how our parents support us early on. 
  4. Having a secure attachment style comes from knowing your needs are going to be met and you are going to be safe.
  5. Insecure attachment styles come from feeling unsafe, not being able to have our needs met, and the fear of being alone and unsupportive.
  6. Nurture can trump nature when you find yourself in a supportive environment as a child even if your mothers pregnancy might have been stressful or unsupportive for her. 
Childhood reflection


What type of attachment did you have as a child? 

Were you an anxious attacher who has learned to get loud and protest when things don’t feel safe? 


Were you an avoidant attacher who has learned to be independent and disengage when things don’t feel safe?