Free Training Video 2

Understanding Your Triggers

Watch this quick and impactful video from Zamir, Holistic Counselor and guide in the Patterns to Presence Program. 

Key Takeaways 
  1. The word trigger comes from the small part of a gun that sets off the chain reaction to strike a bullet – what makes the gun go off is the gunpowder loaded inside. 
  2. When we get triggered, notice what is really going on beneath the surface. We have to get curious about what is happening inside of us.
  3. Triggers are opportunities for transformation of painful emotions and memories we’ve repressed.
  4. We must look at the uncomfortable feelings and see them for what they are without running away from them.
  5. Self-regulation begins with becoming present to our current experience.
  6. Wherever there is tension, bring attention. 
Transforming The Trigger 

Can I get at least as interested in my response to the situation, as I am to the situation itself?

When _____ happens, what do I notice inside my body?
What am I feeling right now?
What am I making this mean?